Integrated medicine is the natural evolution of natural medicine that takes into account the individual as a whole. Integrated medicine does not exclude any type of intervention: it considers pharmacology and surgery to be useful, insurmountable in acute conditions, but it also integrates phytotherapy, homeopathy, so-called traditional medicines. In veterinary medicine, phytoderivates and essential oils can be used simultaneously and safely, integrating any conventional treatments already in place, in a therapeutic approach capable of supporting the natural healing process of the pet's body in a more complete and balanced way.

From the beginning, since the man decided to make use of the other animal species for his own survival, he also had to worry about their health status with his "collaborators" or life partners. In consideration that for the maintenance of his state of health, he used what mother nature made available, it goes without saying that the use of plants for therapeutic purposes has gradually become common use. Since then, throughout the millennia, this custom, reinforced by possibilities and knowledge, has become a normal attitude in the relationship between human beings and other animal species. Aware that this was the right path, Elekea, together with a team of veterinary surgeons, wanted to start a course of studies and experiments in 2014, therefore dedicating to our friends a line of phytotherapics to support traditional medicine but also prevention and maintenance for animals always protected and supported by everything that nature can offer us. Hence the MOYO ’PET line

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MoYo Pet Articoli per Animali


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